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Creating a Monolithic City in Unreal Engine 5
An Environment Generalist Workflow with Jianfeng Li (Allan)

Jianfeng Li (Allan)

9h 24m | 19 Chapters

Introduction to ZBrush 2022
A Comprehensive Guide to Learning ZBrush With Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer

20h 41m | 41 Chapters

Creating a Medieval Castle in Unreal Engine 5
Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter & UE5 Workflow With Phil Stoltz

Phil Stoltz

4h 00m | 8 Chapters

Creating an Original 3D Creature Concept: Viper Dragon
ZBrush, Maya, Mari, KeyShot & Photoshop Workflow With Kurtis Dawe

Kurtis Dawe

7h 04m | 17 Chapters

Introduction to ZBrush 2021
The Ultimate Guide To ZBrush With Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer

51h 00m | 66 Chapters

Creating a Fantasy Creature
3D Character Creation in ZBrush and Maya with Babak Bina

Babak Bina

4h 52m | 9 Chapters

Creating a Photoreal Interior
with Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

6h 04m | 15 Chapters

How to make a Creature with Character
with Ian Joyner

Ian Joyner

3h 02m | 8 Chapters

Sculpting the Planes of the Head
a fundamental guide to mastering the head with John Brown

John Brown

3h 30m | 23 Chapters

The Art of the Armature
Mastering the Pose with John Brown

John Brown

3h 00m | 15 Chapters

Hyper-realistic Insect Design
with Eric Keller

Eric Keller

7h 33m | 21 Chapters

Creating Key Art Illustration for Film and Games
with Alex Nice

Alex Nice

2h 05m | 5 Chapters

Environment Creation for Film and Cinematics
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

1h 51m | 10 Chapters

Clay to Bronze
An Encyclopedic Guide to Making Bronze Statues with John Brown

John Brown

2h 30m | 13 Chapters

Creating Hyper Realistic Characters in ZBrush
with Hossein Diba

Hossein Diba

4h 28m | 13 Chapters

Sci-Fi Costume Design in ZBrush
with Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato

4h 46m | 17 Chapters

Sculpting a Dragon with ZBrush
with Maarten Verhoeven

Maarten Verhoeven

3h 53m | 16 Chapters

Making Frankenstein's Monster
with Peter Zoppi

Peter Zoppi

5h 35m | 11 Chapters

Sculpting a Stylized Character
with David Meng

David Meng

2h 30m | 10 Chapters

Jordu Schell Creature Studio
Maquette sculpting and Painting

Jordu Schell

2h 46m | 13 Chapters

A Pungent Character
Getting Grit Into Imaginary Faces with David Meng

David Meng

3h 07m | 9 Chapters

Fantasy Sculpting
The Dragon of Argos

Shiflett Brothers

2h 37m | 12 Chapters

Sculpting Expression and Fantasy Characters
with John Brown

John Brown

4h 35m | 18 Chapters

Creating a Character Figure
with Wendy Froud

Wendy Froud

3h 25m | 15 Chapters

Sculpting Comic Book Style
with John Brown

John Brown

2h 00m | 11 Chapters

Sculpting the Femme Fatale
The Techniques of John Brown, Volume 6

John Brown

2h 08m | 20 Chapters

Creating a Faery Figure
with Wendy Froud

Wendy Froud

4h 00m | 16 Chapters

Sculpture 5
Molding and Casting the Maquette

John Brown

4h 45m | 32 Chapters

Sculpture 4
Molding and Casting the Head

John Brown

2h 30m | 34 Chapters

Sculpture 3
Sculpting the Detailed Character Head

John Brown

2h 00m | 19 Chapters

Sculpture 2
The Character Maquette

John Brown

2h 00m | 19 Chapters