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Stavros Sofianos

Senior FX Artist

Stavros Sofianos has a decade of experience in the production field; to Stavros, creating visual effects is more of a passion than just a job. He’s explored various paths as a CG Artist over the years, using a variety of software in his roles, though he has always been most attracted to creating VFX. He is constantly learning and seeking out new applications and approaches to creating impressive FX and has worked on many TV commercials, TV series, and films as both an in-house Senior FX Artist as well as a freelancer. He works for local studios as well as worldwide clients creating all manner of abstract particle setups, liquid, smoke, fire, and rigid-body simulations. 

Learn more about Stavros and follow his career on LinkedIn.

  • I have collaborated with Stavros on different VFX projects over the years. I have been amazed at the talent that he has, especially when dealing with heavy and complex simulations. He is a remarkable FX artist, blending his technical skills with his artistic flair and point of view in every project.

    - Mike Avramis
    Digital Sculptor

  • I had the pleasure of working with Stavros on various projects. Stavros is a very passionate FX artist with strong technical and artistic skills, and he has always been delivering stunning FX simulations.

    - Tony Zagoraios
    Founder & Art Director at YETI Pictures