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Rodrigo Brea

3D Environment Artist

Rodrigo Brea has been working as an Environment Artist in video games for over four years, with credits including Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Battlewake, and The Walking Dead: Onslaught. He loves to create environments and props — whether realistic or stylized — and, in his free time, he enjoys working on 3D characters that he can integrate into his test game scenes. There is nothing more satisfying to Rodrigo than making art for games and helping to solve the technical issues that come with bringing the games to life.

Rodrigo graduated from Gnomon School in Hollywood, California, from the two-year Digital Production Program where he focused on Game Art.

  • Rodrigo is as passionate as he is patient, and he is as kind as he is helpful. I learned a lot about art sitting next to him, and I think I'm a better designer today thanks to his influence.

    - Mike Birkhead
    Senior Game Designer

  • Rodrigo is an experienced artist and a wonderful personality. His technical knowledge shines through his ability to craft visually pleasing works while adhering to strict constraints.

    - Dylan Byrd
    Game Programmer