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Carol Cornils

3D Character Artist

Carol Cornils is a freelance 3D character artist based in Chile, South America. Carol has been specializing in stylized and cartoon styles since 2014. Her clients include Nickelodeon, Adobe, Punkrobot, Bitfilms, and many others.

Carol previously worked as a 3D Artist for Behavior Interactive where her credits included Peanuts: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, Spongebob Heropants, Westworld Mobile, Dory's Reef, as well as many other under-NDA projects. 

  • Carol has a special sensibility to translate 2D characters into 3D, preserving the original appeal and style from the concept and completing the angles that are not shown in the concept, and keeping the anatomy, flow and rhythm of the shapes — which makes the characters appealing from every angle. Plus, she has the touch to create amazing textures, hair, and fabrics that really fit in with the style. She is a great person to work with, always open to addressing notes and bringing her own ideas to the table. Carol is one in a million!

    - Matias Zadicoff
    Character Artist at Netflix Animation

  • Carol works in a very orderly and solid manner; she is geared towards precision and consistency. She is also very nice to work with as she is always willing to explore more possibilities and solutions on different aspects of the project.

    - Fernanda Vergara
    UI/UX Designer at Osmo