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Creating Key Illustrations for Videogames

Environment Storytelling Using SketchUp & Photoshop with Eddie Bennun


Videogame concept artists are tasked with the responsibility of designing the most memorable and visually vibrant game universes possible to inspire players and trigger their imaginations. This 3-hour workshop by AAA videogame Senior Art Director and Concept Artist Eddie Bennun reveals the principles of creating key concept art for an imaginary open-world game, explaining how to combine historical accuracy and fictional settings to create worlds that border the fantastical and the real.

This workshop shares professional techniques from concepting an idea and story, gathering references, roughing out the 3D block-out, and sketching initial concepts. Eddie then walks through the more painterly stages to create both a black-and-white and a fully polished, high-resolution final illustration. This demonstration teaches the art of effectively conveying a story through successful design and is particularly helpful for those looking to create memorable marketing illustrations for their game ideas.

Whether you’re a beginner, junior, or established professional artist, this workshop will provide inspiration and techniques useful for all levels, for those aspiring to work in the industry as well as those already working in studio roles or simply looking to broaden their knowledge.

Duration: 2h 57m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Eddie Bennun

Senior Art Director & Concept Artist

Eddie Bennun is an art director and senior concept artist with a Master's degree in direction for animated movies and over 18 years of experience working in the game industry. 

In the earliest part of his career, Eddie taught art classes and worked on various projects as a 2D animator, illustrator, and painter. His first job in the game industry was at Gameloft, and he has been working in AAA games for another major studio for 18 years, where he has been dedicated for the last 12 years to contributing to one of the most iconic and influential game series in the world.

With 2 decades of industry experience, Eddie has worked as an Art Director, Concept Artist, and Illustrator. Follow Eddie on Instagram @eddie_bennun and on Facebook @eddie.bennun.