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How To Render Matte Surfaces 2

Shading Round Geometric Surfaces with Scott Robertson



On this second of three titles in the Matte Surface rendering series, Scott shares with you the round geoform shading techniques he has been teaching for over a decade. He explains and demonstrates the basics of how our brains interpret round forms via value changes. Scott uses observational video clips of a cylinder, cone and sphere in various lighting scenarios to reinforce his value assignment strategy. Walking you through several sketches, he shows his techniques for properly constructing the cast shadows of each of the round geoforms. At the end of the title, Scott renders a more complex form (shown on the cover) from start to finish, demonstrating the use of pencil, chalk and marker. This lecture is intended as a "must-watch" for beginners and a good refresher for the more experienced artist/designer.

Duration: 2h 00m

Format: HD 1280x960

Scott Robertson

Designer Founder, Design Studio Press

Scott attended Art Center College of Design where he graduated with honors with a B.S. degree in Transportation Design in April 1990. The day after graduation, Scott opened a product design consulting firm in San Francisco with friend Neville Page. While there clients included Kestrel, Giro Sport Design, Nissan, Volvo, and Yamaha. In 1995 Scott relocated to Vevey, Switzerland to teach drawing and industrial design at Art Center, Europe until the middle of 1996. Since returning from Europe, Scott's clients have included BMW subsidiary Design-works/USA, Raleigh Bicycles, Mattel Toys, Patagonia, Minority Report feature film, Nike, Rock Shox, Universal Studios, Angel Studios and Fiat, to name a few. Today he continues to teach drawing at Art Center College of Design. Recently, Scott launched Design Studio Press, a publishing company dedicated to inspiring and educational art books and DVDs.

  • "Definitely one of the finer designers of our generation. Scott's innovative designs bridge the gap between today's fiction and tomorrow's science. His attention to detail is sometimes mind blowing... but he is not somebody to keeps it all to himself. He is so concerned with teaching his knowledge to others that it makes him one of the top educators in digital and traditional art."

    - Harald Belker
    Concept Designer