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Thierry Doizon

Digital Artist

Thierry Doizon, a.k.a BARONTiERi, attended both the European Design Institute (FR) and the Kent Institute of Arts & Design (UK), graduating with honors with a B.A. degree in Industrial Design and Interior Architecture. He fell into the weird world of videogames in 1995, and has worked for different companies such as Acclaim Studios, Splash Damage, Ubisoft and now Eidos Montreal. At the same time, he’s been working on a diverse array of personal projects including illustrations, matte paintings and comic books, and has been invited to speak at various workshops and conferences (Disney Imagineering, ADAPT, Ubisoft Campus, The Gnomon Workshop and Massive Black).

  • "One of the most important steps in becoming a successful video game concept designer is knowing how best to approach the creation and presentation of game assets for the rest of the development team. Thierry does a wonderful job at presenting this process on his first educational tutorial. Seeing just how clear, direct, thorough and concise the design of any character or object can be executed from start to finish will be a great help to aspiring concept designers of all levels. This tutorial will greatly help with the refinement of a designers' ideas and how they should go about professionally presenting those ideas to the video game industry."

    - Scott Robertson
    Founder, Design Studio Press