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Cesar Dacol Jr.

3D Artist

Cesar Luis Dacol Jr. has worked in the film industry for nearly twenty years. He started his career in the make-up effects industry and transitioned to digital effects in the mid 90's. With a background in anatomy and traditional sculpting, he quickly adapted to the 3D world of computers. For the past five years Cesar has worked primarily as Lead and Modeling Supervisor, contributing to many feature films such as 300, Barnyard and Fantastic Four.

  • I count Cesar Dacol Jr. as one of my favorite artists working in the industry today. I'm always impressed by his gorgeous, atmospheric illustrations and his top-notch, believable creature designs.

    - Kolby Jukes
    Principal ArtistBioware

  • Cesar Dacol Jr is one of the most creative and talented creature and character sculptors working today. His characters not only shine as exemplary studies in anatomy and form they also exude character and emotion. Cesar manages to give life and personality to all his creations which is one of the biggest and least addressed challenges to a character sculptor. Cesar's characters always feel engaging to me because of his expert hand with form, keen eye for realistic levels of detail, and spot on painting skills. One can learn a lot from watching Cesar work. With his many years of experience as both a practical and digital effects artist Cesar is both a fantastically talented artist as well as a gifted teacher.

    - Madeleine Scott Spencer
    Concept Designer Weta Workshop