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3D Look Development in Modo

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of our second title with 3D artist Andras Kavalecz: "3D Look Development in Modo". With over 19 years of experience creating digital art for the broadcast and games industries this tutorial demostrates how to develop a 2D concept, produced by concept artist Stephen Chang, into a visually accurate 3D asset using Modo.

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Light and Shadow – Lighting and Rendering Series Vol. 1 with Frederic Durand

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of our first title with lighting artist Frederic Durand: "Light and Shadow".


With over 20 years experience working on animated films, feature films, and commercials, Frederic shares his techniques and workflow while illustrating the creative decisions that result in professional and cinematic results.

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Creating Realistic Skin with ZBrush and Keyshot

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of our first title with Blizzard character artist Dominic Qwek! Titled “Realistic Skin with ZBrush and Keyshot”.

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Sculpting a Stylized Character with David Meng


The Gnomon Workshop welcomes back creature designer David Meng for his second full length sculpture lecture. In Sculpting a Stylized Character David once again puts his amazing design and sculpting skills on display for you, bringing to life his take on the beloved orangutan

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Mechanical Character Design with Joe Peterson


The Gnomon Workshop proudly welcomes senior concept artist Joe Peterson to our ever growing tutorial library. In his debut release Mechanical Character Design, Joe demonstrates the tools and techniques he uses daily in production to design the amazing mechanical characters he is known for.

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Anatomy Workshop Vol. 5 - Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso with Charles Hu


In Anatomy Workshop Vol.5 “Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso” Charles discusses the skeletal and muscular systems of the human torso, starting with a brief overview of the skeletal structure. He then begins to discuss the various muscular systems of the human torso from both the front and back. Starting with the frontal muscles of the neck, Charles covers the chest, shoulders and abdominal muscle groups, before moving to the muscle groups on the back. In his discussions, Charles is sure to demonstrate the mechanical influence of each muscle group in terms of how it relates to human motion