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Learn more about our latest video tutorials added to The Gnomon Workshop library here and discover the artists who created them. All of these workshops are ready for you to watch immediately!

  May 18, 2023

Creating a Sci-Fi Pistol for Games

Weapon Modeling & Texturing Techniques With Sean Marino Learn how to create a sci-fi...

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  May 11, 2023

Concepting Spaceships for Film & Games

3D Design using 3D-Coat, ZBrush, KeyShot & Photoshop with Joe Gloria Senior Concept Artist...

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  May 04, 2023

Introduction to Ziva VFX: Volume 1

Soft Tissue Simulation Using Ziva VFX, Maya & Wrap3D With Madhav Shyam Learn the...

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  Apr 27, 2023

Photogrammetry for Production Artists

Prop Scanning Through to Final Production Asset with John William Crossland Capture and...

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  Apr 14, 2023

Dynamic Illustration Techniques Using ZBrush, Photoshop & Painter

Follow Mike’s complete process: From selecting an existing 2D concept through creating a digital maquette in ZBrush, and discover how he generates BPR renders to then composite those together in Photoshop to create the optimal base for a painting....

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  Apr 07, 2023

Introduction to Maya for Animators

This introductory workshop is geared towards individuals pursuing a career in CG character animation and those with an interest in the field. The primary objective is to provide you with an introduction to the intricacies of animation using Maya, yet in an easy-to-digest manner....

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  Mar 23, 2023

Creating Stylized Hairstyles Using ZBrush

Learn how to use ZBrush's powerful tools to create dynamic and expressive hairstyles for your stylized characters. In this 2.5-hour workshop, Lead 3D Character Artist Dan Eder shares a deep dive into his process for sculpting stylized 3D hair with ZBrush....

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  Mar 02, 2023

Designing a Custom Kitbash Library

Learn to build your own hard-surface kitbash library with Gavin Manners. Create subassemblies, generate ideas for mech designs, and use custom kitbash parts effectively. This workshop assumes basic knowledge of Blender and Photoshop. Kit and 3D files included....

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  Feb 23, 2023

Key Illustration Workflow for Film & TV

When designing for film, there are many approaches an artist can take to conceptualize an idea. This 4-hour workshop by Framestore Art Director, Philippe Gaulier, walks you through one of the workflows he uses when creating concept art for his clients, whether it’s for a film or TV series....

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  Feb 16, 2023

Creating Environment Concept Art for Games With Asim A. Steckel

Master Building Design Using Photoshop, 3D-Coat & Octane for Blender Creating and developing production...

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  Feb 02, 2023

Animating Body Mechanics in Maya

Animation can be hard, but it should also be fun. Kelly Vawter joins The Gnomon Workshop library with his full shot walkthrough in Maya, which focuses on body mechanics....

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  Jan 26, 2023

Creating Keyframe Concepts for Film & Animation

Discover efficient approaches to creating keyframe concept art for movies and animated films using a variety of software and best practices....

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