The Gnomon Workshop

Anatomy for Artists Volume 3

Anatomy for Artists Volume 3, Understanding the Front Torso & Arm


The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Anatomy for Artists, Volume 3", Understanding the Front Torso & Arm with Rey Bustos.


Artistic Anatomist and Professor Rey Bustos returns with Volume 3 in the Anatomy for Artists series. This third instalment is divided into two segments, beginning with the Front Torso and conluding with the Arm. Rey launches the workshop with an in-depth study of the layers of muscles that matter to artists when drawing the upper bodies of human figures and characters. The guide shares how the Rectus Abdominis, Pectoralis Major, External Oblique, Deltoid, and Serratus Anterior, are all essential to an artist’s understanding of human anatomy, in an easy-to-learn format.


The lecture continues with a focus on the arms, which Rey expertly divides into four main groups of function: the Flexors, the Extensors, the “Twins,” and the “Mini Twins.” Using a simplified approach, Rey explains these muscles as “teams” between groups — much like in a sports competition. The workshop explains how teams of muscles work together, and how they compare by size and purpose. The teaching reveals all the important anatomical names along with helpful tips and tricks for remembering and associating them in your artistic practice.


Completing the workshop, you will have a sound knowledge of all the essential muscles that are important to artists when studying and drawing the human torso and arms. Rey’s unique lecture and drawing demonstration is designed for artists of all levels to allow easy understanding of the key information that is pertinent to an artist’s education.