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Lynette Clee

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  Oct 20, 2021

Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua is a highly talented sculptor and modeler. Over the years, she's worked her way up to the position of Senior Modeler at Weta Digital, where she contributes incredible work on franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the Fast & Furious (to name but a few)....

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  Sep 28, 2021

So You've Learned Maya, What’s Next?

Instructor Eric Keller shares his advice for what to learn next after completing...

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  Jun 13, 2021

Crystal Bretz

Get to know Gnomon Workshop Instructor, Crystal Bretz Senior character/creature modeler, Crystal...

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  Sep 23, 2020

Discover The Top 5 Workshops Everyone Is Watching This Month

Want to learn what everyone else is doing right now? Here are the top 5 training titles in The Gnomon Workshop library this month, as decided by our subscribers....

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  May 14, 2020

James Miller

James Miller has garnered impressive experience with state-of-the-art companies including ILM and Dreamworks. As a sought-after visual-effects-artist, Miller has worked on a plethora of blockbuster-titles including Hunger Games, Star Wars, Westworld, How to Train Your Dragon and Abominable....

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  Mar 19, 2020

Sarah Arduini

For over ten years, Sarah Arduini has garnered impressive experience with state-of-the-art companies...

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  Mar 03, 2020

Charles Hu

Figure painter and art instructor Charles Hu is an instructor for the Art...

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  Jul 31, 2019

Christophe Desse

Christophe Desse is a sought-after environment and technical artist whose work includes critically...

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  May 01, 2019

Maciej Kuciara concept artist for Terminator: Dark Fate

The legendary Terminator movie has yet another sequel coming out in November. Terminator: Dark Fate will be the sixth movie in the series and Gnomon Instructor Maciej Kuciara has done some incredible concept art for the film....

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  Apr 16, 2019

Nick Hiatt

Art director, matte painter, and concept artist, Nick Hiatt has garnered extensive experience...

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  Mar 25, 2019

Jordan Soler

Jordan Soler is a Senior Groom Artist for VFX. Jordan has worked for...

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  Mar 19, 2019

Elaina Scott

Elaina Scott is a lead animator at Encore VFX and a sought after...

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